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December 12, 2007

Discussion Questions Chapters 18- 21

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After you have read chapters 18 through 21 in Freak the Mighty, respond to both of the following discussion topics.  Remember to write in complete sentences and proofread your writing before you submit your comments to the blog. Be sure to use your first name only.

1. Kenny now calls himself a “man of God.” Explain why you think he has or has not redeemed (improved) himself. What do you think is his plan with the RV (motor home)? How will he have Max help him? Explain how Max feels about the plan.

2. What does Max remember about his childhood and what triggers it? How does Kenny Kane react when Max tells him about the past? How do you think Max’s family has affected him as a person?

I encourage you to read and respond to each other’s comments. If you say that you like or agree with someone’s comment, tell that person why. Do you have any other ideas, connections, predictions, or questions about the characters or story? Include these ideas in your posting or write another post.


  1.   Er!c $. — December 2, 2008 @ 4:45 pm    

    1) Max’s dad, Killer Kane, didn’t redeem himself. I think that because Kane tied Max up and tried kill Loreta. I think Kane’s plan with the RV is to travle cross country to not be put in jail again. Max would help by covering for him if the police caught them. Max feels scared about his plan because he might be considered an outlaw himself if he did do it.
    2) Max remembers that he saw his dad kill his mother plus he remembers what clothes he was wearing and that Max had called out for someone to help his mom. Those memories where triggered by his father strangling Loretta. When Max tells Kenny about the past Kenny became both surprised and stunned. Max’s family has affected Max because he has less friends and he was lonely most of the time.

  2.   Nicky — December 2, 2008 @ 4:48 pm    

    1) I don’t think that Kenny has redeemed himself. I think this because people will lie a lot and Kenny killed Max’s mom. His plan is to buy a huge RV and go around preaching. Kenny wants Max to walk around and collect money in a basket. Max probably doesn’t want to participate in this with his dad, but he has no choice.
    2) Max remembers seeing his dad murder Max’s mom. What triggers this is when his dad is strangling Loretta he has a flashback of witnessing his dad strangling Max’s mom. Kenny reacts by trying to kill Max the same way he unsuccessfully attempted to kill Loretta and killed his Mom. I think Max has been affected greatly. He has no mother because of his dad and he saw his Dad attempting a murder again.

  3.   Matthew — December 2, 2008 @ 4:49 pm    

    1. Kenny calls himself a “man of God” because he wants people to believe that he is innocent. I think that he has not redeemed himself because he tried to kill Loretta and Max. I think his plan with the RV is that he will drive away from the area and live somewhere else. Max will help him by giving him a companion to live with. Max feels like he does not want to do it.
    2. Max remembers from his childhood his father killing his mother. The thing that triggered that in his mind was when Kenny tried to kill Loretta. Kenny tries to kill Max when he tells him about the past. I think Max’s family did a good job by telling Max that his father was a horrible person.

  4.   Hanson — December 2, 2008 @ 4:56 pm    

    1. I think Kenny has not redeemed himself because he ties Max up and tried to lie to him that he was innocent. He also almost killed Loretta Lee like he killed Max’s mom by squeezing her neck. Killer Kane still has the will of killing people and that definitely shows he has not redeemed or improved himself. I think Kenny’s plan is to drive away from the town in a big RV/bus with a name on the side to escape, and then trick people to give him money by saying he is a man of god. He will have Max help him with his plan by having Max standing in front of the bus in a nice suit collecting money from people. Max feels that his father is lying to him about being a man of god so he feels unsure about the plan.

    2. Max remembers the time when Killer Kane, his father killed his mother. He remembers that his father was wearing brown corduroy trousers and the black T-shirt with no sleeves when his mother was killed. Max also remembers that his father carried him into his room and said that he was dreaming. Then Max had run to the window, broke it with his hand, and started yelling for someone to help his mom. This memory was triggered by the moment when Max’s father almost killed Loretta Lee. Kenny Kane reacts by sighing, regretting that Max had broken the window and yelled for help, and tries to kill his own son, but Kevin saves Max. I think Max’s family has affected him as a person because his father kidnapped him which resulted in Max being extremely scared and Grim and Gram are extremely aware of his safety which affects Max by making him feel secure. Grim also says that Max’s father was an accident of nature which makes Max worry about growing up to be another accident of nature.

  5.   Juliana — December 2, 2008 @ 5:00 pm    

    1. I do not think Killer Kane has the right to call himself a, “man of god.” First of all, if he really was one, he would not try to kidnap Max. Another reason is because he would be honest and come out clean about what he did to Max’s mother. After that, if he still got of jail he could say to Max, “I’m truly sorry. What I did was incredibly wrong and I have no right to be here right now, but if you’ll ever forgive me, I promise I’ll make it up to you.” The last reason why I do not think Killer Kane has redeemed himself is because if he did he would not have tried to kill Loretta Lee (obviously). I think Killer Kane’s plan with the RV was to sell rides (kind of like a taxi) for a cheaper price than other public transportation. If this plan was put to action, Killer Kane would probably have Max advertise. This might lead up to a small business that might bring in some money which Killer Kane would use for his own purposes. Max probably does not think highly of this plan, but is extremely frightened of his father and will do anything.

    2. Max finally remembers how Killer Kane did kill his mother when he sees him trying to kill Loretta Lee. When Kenny (Killer Kane) hears Max talk about the day he murdered his wife it makes him strangely mad at Max because he spent such a long time in jail for the crime and he does not want to relive it. I think Max’s family (Grim and Gram) have changed him as person because now he will not feel forced to walk in his father’s footsteps and think that he will never amount to anything as a person. Also, it probably is good for Max to live in a stable household in a, somewhat, nice, caring environment; instead of being orphaned and tossed onto the streets. The other part of Max’s family (his mother and father) has affected him in good and bad ways. His father has given him a tough outer shell, so he will not be offended easily, but also passed on a horrible reputation. His mother, on the other hand, gave Max her kindness and big heart, which balanced off Max’s attributes from his father.

  6.   Jack — December 2, 2008 @ 5:38 pm    

    :-) When Kenny calls himself a man of god, I think he is trying to impress Max and make Max think he has changed. I don’t think he has redeemed himself because he still acts like a bad guy. I think with the RV, Kenny is hiding that he wants to drive to Mexico where he can escape the law. Max feels curious but suspicious of his father.
    :-) Max remembers Kenny killing his mom. The moment that triggers this memory is when Kenny is chocking Loretta. Kenny says, “How could you have remembered that event, you were only four.” I think the teasing about Max’s dad has made him more resilient to teasing and insults. I think also being separated from his family has made him less happy.

  7.   Tim — December 2, 2008 @ 6:45 pm    

    1. He has not redeemed himself because he thinks he is innocent and hasn’t done anything wrong. I think that Kenny thinks that if he gets an RV people will look so highly of him that they will give him money. Max will stand outside in a suit and collect the money. Max is not so sure about the plan and thinks it could possibly fail. :)

    2. Max remembers his dad strangling his mom when he was four. This horrible memory was triggered by Killer Kane strangling Laureta Lee. Max tells Kenny that he smashed the window and called for help and his dad says “ You should not have done that. It cost me years :)

  8.   Darren — December 2, 2008 @ 6:56 pm    

    1)Killer Kane has not redeemed himself because he is still a person or dad who kills. He hasn’t redeemed himself to his son because he tried to kill Loretta Lee.The motor home will be used to escape and bring Max somewhere else. Max feels that he will miss his real home.
    2)Max remembers his childhood when Killer Kane was killing his mom.It was triggered when he saw Kane choke Loretta Lee. Kane starts to choke his own son when he tells about the past.Max never had any friends because his father was a killer and never made real friendships until Freak(Kevin) came along.

  9.   Sarah — December 2, 2008 @ 7:36 pm    

    1. I think Kenny has not redeemed himself because if he calls himself “man of god” he could technically take over everyone. I think his plan with the RV was to take Max in the RV somewhere and have people saying he was the “man of god”. Max was going to help him by wearing a suite and making people owe money to ask to see him. Max feels that he kind of knows that his father is a bad man and does not feel comfortable with the plan.
    2. Max remembers that he saw his father killing his mother by holding her on the neck just the way he was holding Loretta Lee around the neck. Kenny Kane reacts with something like you were only two when our mama died and you were too young to remember anything about that. Max’s family had affected him as a person by having Killer Kane kidnap him and that Grim and Gram knowing that he was scared and worried.

  10.   Matty "Matrica" — December 2, 2008 @ 7:45 pm    

    1. When Kenny calls himself a “man of God”, I don’t really believe him because I think he was just trying to put on an act so Max would feel friendlier towards him. In my opinion, he definitely has not improved or redeemed himself. I am assuming his plan with the RV home is to buy it and run off with Max in it, but I’m not completely sure. He will have Max stand outside in a suit collecting money by convincing people in believing a story about how Kenny was once a bad man, and now he has “redeemed” himself. Max seems to be uncertain about this idea.

    2. Max remembers the killing of his mother, back when he was three. Reminiscence was caused when Kenny started choking Loretta, which is the way Max’s mother happened to be killed. When Max tells Kenny what he remembers, Kenny becomes sadder and tightens up a little bit, but continues to grasp Loretta’s throat. I think Max’s family has affected him deeply, and he struggles to find it.

  11.   lida — December 2, 2008 @ 7:51 pm    

    Killer Kane calls himself this to try to tell people he’s innocent. He hasn’t redeemed himself I think because he tied Max up and keeps saying he’s innocent. He has killed Max’s mother and almost killed Loretta. He has a plan to get an RV and escape and raise money by having Max stand in front with a nice suit on. It seems like Max is still trying to figure out if his father is a man of his word.
    Max remembers when his father strangled his mother. He remember he wore a black shirt that was sleeve less and after his father carried him to his room and kept saying it was all a dream but Max broke the window anyway and started screaming. Kenny starts thinking he needs to clear this up and start all over. Then he tries to strangle Max, lucky for Max, Kevin saved him. This all affects Max because it’s life being kidnapped, living without a mother, and having the fear of your father coming back. He will maybe even never forget and could be unhappy a lot of his life…. sad…..

  12.   Kate — December 2, 2008 @ 8:06 pm    

    1) One reason why Killer Kane should not call himself a “man of god” he would of told the truth about Max’s mom. Another reason why is because he wouldn’t of kidnapped Max. I think Killer Kane’s plan with the RV was to get far away so that they can’t find them and so that they can drive and no one would recognize them. If this plan was put to action, Killer Kane would probably have Max advertize. The plan would probably fail because some one will recognize them.

    2) Max remembers how Killer Kane did kill his mother. When Kenny hears Max talk about the day of the killing of Max’s mom Kenny gets really mad and said “Max they poisoned your mind to think I did killer her when I didn’t. They made you remember.” I think Max’s family have changed him as a person because now he will not feel forced to walk in his father’s footsteps.

  13.   Cha $ Ching Mista G is in da hizhouse — December 2, 2008 @ 8:11 pm    

    1. Kenny Kane has not redeemed himself because he acted like he did but he didn’t so he would get out of jail. I think that his plan with the motor home is to run away with Max and forget about everybody. He will make Max dress up really nice and stand outside to get peoples money. Max thinks that the plan is not good because he still isn’t really sure about his dad being a good guy or not.

    2. Max remembers that his dad killed his mom and his dad choking Loretta Lee brings back that scary moment of his childhood. Kenny reacts to Max referring to the moment by letting go of Loretta and then grabbing Max’s neck. Max’s family affected him because his dad killed his mom which brings back bad memories to Max and his grandparents keep on telling him that Kenny killed his mom.

  14.   alex i have a frog named iggy — December 2, 2008 @ 8:15 pm    

    1. When Killer Kane refers to himself as man of god, I believe that he was attempting to impress Max and make Max feel that he had “turned over a new leaf”. In my opinion I don’t think he has redeemed himself because he still behaves like a murderer and kidnapper; such as tying up Max and keeping him hidden. I think that using the R.V., that Iggy is getting him, he will create a living space using furniture he stole from others, while also traveling far enough away that he won’t be recognized by the police. I think Max has suspicions of his dad but isn’t brave enough to confront him so stays quiet.

    2. Max remembers seeing his dad murder his mom when sees him attempting to squeeze the life out of Loretta Lee. He remembers this because when he sees his dad strangling Loretta lee and he recognizes the mean glare in his father’s eyes and the need to kill that he saw when he strangled the life out of Max’s mom. When Kenny mentions the memory of this happening Killer Kane first does not believe he remembers but soon does. And he reacts by attempting to kill Max the same way he had killed his mom, so that he won’t be able to tell everyone that he had committed the crime. I think Max was affected in a big way because, he has no mother because of his dad and he saw his Dad attempting a murder again, after pleading innocence to his son.

  15.   Eric B — December 2, 2008 @ 8:45 pm    

    He has not improved himself because he has not grown himself mentally. His plan with the RV is to travel and take Max and himself somewhere far away from the cops. How he will have Max help him is buy making him find a good place to start. I think Max’s feels not sure and uncomfortable about it because he dosen’t want to leave Grim and Gram and he will not be able to see freak ever again.

    What Max remembers about his childhood was that his father chocked his mother to death. What triggered it was when Kenny (Max’s father) choked Loretta because she tried to help him escape. He reacts like he is trying to make it sound like that never happened by ignoring him. I think Max’s family has effected him because Max’s father is being rude and telling lies about Max’s grim and gram.

  16.   Natalie!!!! — December 2, 2008 @ 8:55 pm    

    1) I think that Kenny has not redeemed himself because he has made a reputation, so he is not going to fix himself because everyone does not remember a nice and mannered guy. His plan with the RV is to run away and leave the state or leave the city. He will have Max help him by standing on the street and being a man of God. Which means that he will tell people about a bad man who has redeemed himself and will collect money for it. Max does not feel confident about this plan and does not want to do this plan.
    2) Max remembers seeing his mom dying and him escaping. What triggered this memory was that his own dad murdering his mother in front of her and then his dad putting him to sleep and pretending that it was a dream. Kenny reacts about this memory by strangling Max and by being surprised. Max’s family has affected him as a person by Gram and Grim teaching him the wrong and right things to do, but also by his father showing that that is what happens when you do the wrong thing.

  17.   Katie — December 2, 2008 @ 9:30 pm    

    1. I do not think Kenny has redeemed himself at all. He not only kidnapped Max, but attempted murder of both Max and Loretta. I think Kenny’s plan with the RV was to, first of all, flee town. Then, he might have planned to beg for money until he earns enough money to buy a house. Before moving in, he would “get rid of” Max. Max probably feels a little bit scared about the “plan”, but at this point in the story he is beginning to trust Kenny a little bit.

    2. Max suddenly remembers the murdering of his mother when he sees Kenny strangling Loretta. This probably triggers Max’s memory because he might have subconsciously recalled the image of Kenny strangling a woman. At first, Kenny reacts to Max’s memory by trying to convince Max that his mind is just “poisoned against him”. Then, when he realizes Max really does remember the incident, he admits that he did do it. However, no sooner does he confess than he begins choking Max! I think the boredom Max has experienced in the Down Under has affected Max so that he seems to just say “Yes, sir” to everything Kenny says. The way Grim and Gram have treated Max over the years has had an impact on Max’s ability to think independently.

  18.   sydney says"CHIKENZ ARE YUM-YUM!!!!!!" — December 2, 2008 @ 9:40 pm    

    Kenny calls himself a man of god because he wants Max to believe him. kenny’s plan is to get an r.v and drive/ferry to some random place like Translvania or something. Maybe Cucamonga. Kenny has not redeemed himself ’cause he is mean and he wants to save the first time for in Cucamonga. I do not think Max would like it because he would not have Freak and he would not like the city of Cucamonga.

    Max remembers kenny choking his mom. kenny was wearing a black, sleevless shirt and brown trousers. kenny put him in his cradle and said it was all a dream, but he broke a window and said “Help mommy, Help mommy” anyways. then, kenny tried to strangle 13 year-old max until freak arrived. i’m glad grim and gram “poisned’ max’s mind.

  19.   Ross — December 2, 2008 @ 9:43 pm    

    1) Kenny says he is a “man of God” but he’s not, a “man of God” wouldn’t say or do the things he does. Kenny wants an RV, a big one, because he thinks it’s important to look impressive. I think he wants the RV to get away. Max does not like the plan because he wants to get back home to his real home.
    2) Max remembers his dad choking his mom and what makes him remember it is that his dad was choking Loretta. Kenny Kane does not react well when Max tells him about the past because he does not think that Max remembers because he was only 4 years old. Max’s family has affected him in a not so good way because his dad’s side of the family are criminals and his mom’s side of the family half is normal.

  20.   wassim — December 3, 2008 @ 10:25 am    

    1) Killer Kane hasn’t redeemed himself because he is still a killer. He has especially hasn’t redeemed himself to his son becacause he killed Loretta right in front of him and he steals him away to a abandoned house in a a very dangerous neiborhood

    2)When maxes dad is strangling Loretta max remembers and starts screaming u killed her then he put his hands over max then he squirts him with acid and he runs down over to the police.

  21.   Edewardooo ( Coolio) — December 4, 2008 @ 8:41 pm    

    I don’t think that Kenny has redeemed himself. I personally think this because he killed Max’s mother and to redeem himself from that, he would have to do a lot more than what he is. I think Kenny’s plan with the RV is to travel out of the country not to be put in jail again. Max will be used to get money for Kenny who will still treat him like a slave. Max probably doesn’t want to participate in this with his dad, but he is scared to refuse.
    Max remembers seeing his dad murder Max’s mom when he sees his mother choking Loretta. Max had a sudden flash back and realized he remembered his father killing his mother. Kenny tries to grab Max to choke him like he did to his mother bit doesn’t succeed. I think it is good that his family warned him about his father and how he is a horrible man.

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